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Comprehensive Radon Water Testing in Manchester, NH

Ensure the safety and well-being of your family by depending on our radon mitigation company for thorough radon water testing in Manchester, ND and the surrounding area. Radon is an odor and colorless gas; therefore, it can go undetected indefinitely. The Surgeon General has announced that radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The team at Advanced Radon Mitigation has the experience and proper equipment to detect if there is radon in your water supply.

Depending on your location, small or large amounts of radon could be present in your well water. By providing an inclusive radon test for drinking water, our specialists can identify the extent of the contamination, mitigate the problem, and stop gas from entering your home and drinking water. Although you cannot smell it or see it, the gas is still dangerous. Our radon water test provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones, allowing you to drink, bathe, and clean with confidence.

Affordable Radon Test for Drinking Water

You'd never bathe in polluted water! So, why should you allow radon gas to enter your home and water supply? You simply cannot afford to go without a radon water test. Our affordable radon water testing service quickly determines the extent of this deadly gas.

One of the best ways to prevent radon from entering your home is to remove it from the water supply. By using advanced water testing equipment and proven radon removal techniques, our radon mitigation makes your home safe and sound again.

Testing for Radon in Water

After taking samples of your water, we bring them into an independent lab for radon water testing. The state of New Hampshire fully accredits this lab. The reason we use an independent lab is that we want you to feel confident in the test results. If we determine the presence of radon in your drinking water, then our mitigation specialists offer affordable and practical solutions for its removal.

Radon Water Testing in Manchester, NH.

When to Have Your Water Tested

Your home is a place where you want to feel comfortable and safe. Choose us for radon water testing service before buying or selling a home to ensure its quality. In addition, we recommend testing your water before having a baby, before bringing a new pet into your home, or before any significant home improvements.

Count on a technician from Advanced Radon Mitigation to perform the appropriate exams in your home. We perform both short and long-term tests and explore your options with you upon receiving results. In the event of high radon levels, you should re-test to confirm. Our specialists will also discuss adding radon-resistant features in your home, such as sealant or plastic sheeting, if deemed necessary.

Get the effective tap and well water testing you need with services from our expert technicians. It can be tough to detect radon; you may not even know that it is in your water source. Although there are devices that can remove radon from your tap, it is crucial to have it removed from the primary source of your water for full elimination. Count on our team of experts for thorough examination so you can take the next step in filtration and protection.

How to Remove Radon

If your home radon water test is positive for radon, it is essential to begin the process of eliminating it.  There are two ways to perform water radon mitigation in your home. The first is aeration, which works by mixing large amounts of clean air with the home’s water supply, thereby replacing the radon. The newly cleaned water is then flushed through your home’s plumbing system. The second elimination method is radon filtration, utilizing a special carbon filter to grab the radon gas particles and remove them from the water.

Where Does Radon Come From?

Before you call on a radon mitigation technician for water quality testing, you may ask yourself what is radon and how does it get into my drinking water? Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally when uranium in the soil breaks down. This gas can be released from the ground, which can enter your home through your tap, especially if you have an in-ground water source such as a well. Radon can create serious health risks when inhaled into the lungs. Guarantee your family’s safety from this dangerous gas by having your water supply tested for radon. 

Call today to have one of our experienced Radon testing specialists assess your water. We are based in Manchester, New Hampshire, and proudly serve the Southern New Hampshire Area.