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Radon in Water Mitigation in Manchester, NH

In the United States, most people have unlimited access to clean water. We are so used to having clean, potable water at our disposal that it doesn't even occur to us that our water may be harboring something harmful.

Chances are, if you have well water in New Hampshire, radon may be present in your water supply. While the water may smell and taste fine, it could contain health sensitive contaminants.

If your drinking water comes from the ground, there is a risk of radon getting into your water through the soil. Radon in well water affects every person exposed to or drinking the contaminated water. Do not delay assessing the water source to any building. It is nevery too soon to discover if you are being exposed to radon, a well-known cause of certain types of cancer.

Tap Water in Manchester, NH

Is Your Drinking Water Safe from Radon?

If the independent lab used by our radon mitigation specialists has found that you need radon water mitigation, we will recommend a method for removal. There are a few methods of removing radon from drinking water, so it is vital to turn to an expert that can get the job done right. The treatment we recommend to de-contaminate, or mitigate, the presence of radon in your water willd depend on th elevel of contamination.

Water Mitigation in Manchester

We begin by taking samples of your water. These samples are tested for radon by an independent lab which has been accredited by the state of New Hampshire. We use an independent lab because we want all of our customers to be confident in the results of testing. By using a separate entity to test the samples, we feel our customers can be confident the test results. Once the results of these samples are ready, we can better help you to solve the issue by recommending the proper system to reduce radon and other contaminants from your water supply.

Aeration as a Radon Water Mitigation System

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends aeration as the preferred method for radon reduction removal from your water supply. Aeration removes harmful gas from the water, but needs to be maintained. Our professionally trained radon mitigation experts can also keep aeration effective in the long-term by cleaning aeration tanks that are already installed. An aeration system can reduce the amount of radon in well water by 99%. Our team of experienced, certified professionals will analyze your drinking water and recommend the right aeration technique.

Free Consulation for Mitigation of Radon in Water

Because radon is colorless and orderless, it is imperative for water to be tested in all homes and businesses. Don't let this invisible, but harmful, gas invade your life, affect your health, and leave you with problems that could be potentially deadly. Let us help protect your health and the health of your household members or employees. Schedule a free consulation today with our expert team to assess your water source for radon and if necessary, work quickly to prevent any harmful effects.

If you want to ensure the health and safety of your family, testing for radon in water in Manchester is a smart idea. Call us today from Manchester, Concord, Salem, Rochester, Laconia, Dover, Portsmouth, and New London, New Hampshire to make an appointment.