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Radon in Air Mitigation in Manchester, NH

The presence of radon is something that no homeowner or business owner ever wants to deal with. Yet sometimes, the situation is inevitable. This invisible, odorless gas is the result of radioactive decay. The decaying process naturally occurs if uranium is present in soil. As a confirmed carcinogen, radon is something you should be very concerned about. Radon gas is a serious hazard if you experience continual exposure. Whether you need to protect your family or your employees, you can trust our team to help.

Commonly found in water and soil, radon it can also be present in the air you breathe. When you need air mitigation systems to detect and effectively address the presence of radon in the air around your home or business, choose our company for your mitigation needs. We offer effective radon in air mitigation solutions that purify the air breathed by family, friends, loved ones, employees, investors, clients, and more.

Air Mitigation from the Area's Leading Experts

When it comes to detecting the presence of radon, only a qualified and certified contractor can eliminate the gas. We do this by extracting it directly from the source. Sometimes a customized air filtration system is able to improve the air quality inside of your space. However, this isn’t always enough. Should more intensive measures need to be taken, we are prepared to handle the removal process on your behalf using trusted techniques and tools.

Radon in the air is a common problem throughout the state of New Hampshire and other northern states. Because of the natural composition of the soil and bedrock in this area, radon can be found in just about any part of the state.

Specialized Radon Air Filter in Manchester, NH

Typical air filtration is not an effective method of removing radon from the air in your home or business. Because radon is considered an inert gas, it emits no charge. This allows radon gas to pass through a conventional air filtration system.

The most popular method of mitigating radon in the air is through soil suction. This method extracts radon out of the soil from under a property, using a pipe to exhaust it to the atmosphere. Soil suction is a simple, yet highly effective way to remove the presence of radon from any structure.

Choose from a Range of Trusted Air Mitigation Systems

Our company manufactures air mitigation systems that are built to last, so they provide you with a long-term solution to radon. We understand that the aesthetics of your property are important to you, so we offer custom installations for all of our clients. This is also we why design system to be unobtrusive and to blend into the overall look of your structure.

You don’t need to look at your newly installed radon removal system and neither do your neighbors. Our systems are not easily visible. In other words, your solution to the presence of radon will not affect the appearance of your home or workplace. Throughout the years, our business has been proud to provide systems for private homes, condos, office buildings, schools, and government buildings.

Why is Radon Removal So Important?

Medical and environmental groups are both becoming increasingly concerned about the impact that radon has on health. The US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Surgeon General, the American Medical Association, and the American Lung Association all recognize radon as the second leading cause of lung cancer. Statistically, the risk of a smoker developing lung cancer after radon exposure is the highest.

As a radon mitigation company, we recognize just how dangerous radon can be after prolonged exposure. If you suspect that your house or office may have high levels of radon, there’s no better time than now to schedule an appointment for us to visit.

Determine whether or not the air inside and around your property is safe by contacting our experts for an assessment. Depending on the results of the testing, we may find that all you need is a simple mitigation system. If the levels we discover are high enough, extensive radon removal may be necessary in order to ensure a safe property again. After only 24 hours, we guarantee you will experience a significant reduction in radon levels.

For fast and effective air testing, call us today. We can help you identify the presence of radon in Manchester, Concord, Salem, Rochester, Laconia, Dover, Portsmouth, New London, New Hampshire and surrounding areas.