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Protect the integrity of your property with targeted radon mitigation systems. Since 1997, we have been helping New Hampshire residents to identify and mitigate the presence of radon. Homeowners and business owners alike depend on our professional radon mitigation contractor. We employ all the measures necessary to ensure comprehensive and effective radon mitigation services.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking. For adults who don't smoke cigarettes, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer. If you have never smoked cigarettes and are concerned about your health and your family's health, it is worth your while to have a radon test conducted.

Since radon is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, the only way to check for its presence in your air or water supply is to have a qualified professional perform tests on your property.

How Radon Enters a House in Manchester, NH

As a naturally occurring phenomenon, radon buildup is always happening. Take the proactive approach to your family’s safety and schedule regular tests to ensure your property maintains manageable radon levels. Our specially trained technicians install radon mitigation systems that last for years, and provide a dependable defense against this invisible contaminant.

Dedicated Company Providing Meticulous Service

At our radon mitigation company, we have many years of experience and knowledge in radon reduction and prevention throughout the state. If radon is detected in your home, our certified radon mitigation specialists can design a customized system for your home. As a certified radon mitigation contractor, we perform a variety of services that enhance the quality of your water and air.

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Hire a radon mitigation contractor who knows how to deal with the threat of this gas. Radon is a naturally occurring gas, and is derived from the element radium. Radium is usually found in bedrock, and will break down into radon gas. Radon gas is undetectable by our senses, since it carries no smell or taste.

However, since it is highly carcinogenic, it's important to ensure that none of this gas is present in your air or water supply. According to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, elevated radon levels can be found all around New Hampshire, with the north, east, and southeastern parts of the state at the highest risk. Radon can enter your home naturally, since it is usually present in bedrock or soil.

Radon can seep through any cracks in the foundation of your home and enter your living space. If you have well water, the chance of radon being present in your water supply is high. We can test your water and, if radon is found, install an aeration system to remove it.

Innovative Mitigation Services

Protect your household from long-term illness and crippling disease by requesting our comprehensive mitigation services. From specialized testing to radon reduction, our dutiful staff performs all the steps necessary to ensure your family is protected from radon’s harmful effects.

Take the proactive approach to safety and check your water supply regularly. Your well provides the water your family needs for everyday life. However, did you know that your well water could be harboring a deadly entity? Since radon is odorless and flavorless, you and your loved ones could be ingesting harmful quantities of radon and not even realize it.

Our trained radon mitigation contractors collect a sample of your home’s water and have it tested by a trusted third party to affirm its quality. After receiving the results and determining if further action is needed, we suggest and implement proven radon mitigation techniques that drastically reduce the radon content in your water back to safe levels.

Install a water treatment system and improve your family’s quality of life. At your discretion, we’ll even install additional water treatment systems in your home that improve your water’s taste and quality.

Breathe easier with our air mitigation systems. As an experienced radon mitigation company, we install dependable systems that trap radon gas at its source and expel it safely into the atmosphere. These systems are unobtrusive, and protect the original aesthetics and structural integrity of your property.

Protect the health of your friends, family, and employees. Clean, fresh air is yours when you explore our mechanical ventilation options. After ridding your property of radon gas, consider installing a ventilation system that filters out airborne allergens and irritants from your interior. These products are specially designed to dehumidify and purify your building, preventing the accumulation of mold, mildew, dust, and impurities.

Ensure the integrity of your home or workplace and contact our radon mitigation contractors. We proudly serve clients in Manchester, NH, as well as Concord, Salem, Rochester, Laconia, and the surrounding area.

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